Saturday, March 1, 2014

London with Alex & Syd

On the easy bus headed into London! It made us all a bit sick, so we were happy to get there!

An Italian lunch to get things going 

Lots of time in the metro! Love public transit. 

I was being mocked here. It was raining and I didn't want to get wet so I out on my poncho that everyone else was too cool to wear, and they mocked me!
Loving being dry in my poncho. 

You can't not take a photo by the red phone box. 

She was dying to have her photo taken with a British boy. 
YUM!!! YUM!!!

The Savoy. 

Funny that both their dads middle names are Leon. 
Alex introduced is to the pasty! Delicious lunch. 
One if my favorite things- elevator photos. 
Wicked. Neither Syd or Alex had seen Wicked, so they twisted our arms to take them!! It was once again awesome. Still get the shivers and Annie still cries (shocking I know). 

Our favorite- on the edge of obsessed or crazy. 

Knotting Hill- I want to live there. 
Found a hat shop- doesn't Alex look great! Can never have too many hats. 
On our way to portebello street to walk the miles of market. 

What a great student, studying on holiday- NOT! She does look cute in her new shades though!

Photo bomber!

Best chicken sandwich from a street vendor. 

Tired feet! Could have gone all day, so much to see. The girls scored leather bags and I a vintage plaid coat! 
Big Ben- we made it. Syd kept asking if we were ever going to see it. 

What a gorgeous group of gingers! Sorry Annie. 

"Mom, can I see your phone for a second" this is what's on it when I get back- plus about 1,000 others. 

Westminster Abbey. 

Buckingham Palace. 
Just one little kiss? Please?
China town
What a way to end the night and holiday. Got the last 2 seats in the dress circle and 2 standing. Lucky enough the seat in front of us stayed empty so we rotated and didn't have to stand the whole time. Syd hadn't seen Les Mis before so we now have her hooked!
Never a disappointment!!

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