Friday, May 10, 2013

St. Patricks day 2013

Lucky charms and green pancakes for a lucky day!
Those naughty, naughty leprechauns!! Playing in the potty!

I went for the homemade green pasta this year. 

Grandma and Sophie ready for something lucky to happen. (Like dinner, sometimes that's more like magic than lucky)

The school had a "fancy dress" (costume) party for the kids at the Seven Sisters Pub. 
It's a good look for him- don't you think?

Natalie was able to help Jesse paint the little girls nails at the party!
Say Cheese!

St. Patricks Fairies

Natalie goes to school in Ireland

Dromoland with Natalie and Grandpa

Adare Manor

Beal Beach

Achill Island, here we come

Riverfest 2013