Monday, September 17, 2012

The tramp

Our arrival back to Ireland has been a good one. Everyone seems settled and not nearly as anxious. Not having been here in the fall months we didn't know what to expect, and what a nice surprise to have many days of beautiful weather. Sophie, Logan and I rushed out and bought ourselves a trampoline to enjoy the fall days on. They have spent many hours jumping, flipping and having a great time on our newest purchase.
With our new purchase comes new energy and excitement to try new things. We found a trampolining club and the kids are trying it out.
It is his goal to be able to do a back flip on the ground-knowing Logan he will accomplish that goal. For now, he is loving the advice and time he spends on these Olympic size tramps.

Norway and Sweden

Back to school

First day of school for the 2012/2013 school year. Even though Dallas is in the 7th grade, or a 1st year in Ireland, he now attends the high school with Annie and Jesse. He sure is a handsome 1st year!!
They were all thrilled to go back to school! At least they saw the sun and have some evidence of it on their faces. The summer in Ireland was rather rotten, so we heard.
Logan and Sophie had an extra week to lounge about and play a little XBOX.