Monday, June 11, 2012

Look out SLC

After months of countdown we are down to minutes-not hours, or days, minutes. I don't think they got much sleep last night, I could hear them on the phone giggling and screaming-they could hardly wait for this day, June 11, it's finally here.
We wanted her bag to be easy to spot!
Wow-there they go, all on their own. They have each other and they are pretty savvy travelers, so I will try not to worry too much. (I just better get an update about every 45 seconds)
Good bye Ireland (for 2 months)-Hello SLC!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

To Market, to market

Oh the great things you see at market. Haven't you always wanted to cover yourself in grey paint and sit in the street hoping cute girls will want to take their photo with you, so they will drop a coin in your bucket,  because they want to document this strange man? hmmm-NO I never have but obviously he has.
Three beauties in the streets of downtown.
Pass the pork pig.
To market, to market to buy a fat pig, or is it the head of a pig? What in the world? Like I said, the things you see at market-it's awesome!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Introducing the Irish to Baby Showers

I have a friend named Trish who is having her third baby. Her youngest is 7 and she said that she she had given all her baby things away. I told her that we needed to have a baby shower. She responded by saying that they didn't do showers in Ireland. So I told her we would be having an American baby shower so today was the day. Thanks Deena for the cute invitations
The girls helped me make the pom poms and the nappie cake.

The menu was chicken croissant sandwiches, pasta salad, fruit, cookies and chocolate dipped strawberries.

Isn't it cute? It made for a fun centerpiece. Everyone thought I was soo clever. Little do they know what a great copy cat I am-thanks to youtube. Finding the ribbon was the hardest part.

There were about 20 women who were able to attend. None of them quite knew what to expect. I tried to explain that it is really just an excuse to get together and socialize. I had some wassail to offer them as they arrived because it is customary to offer someone a cup of tea or coffee when they come to your home. I explained to them that it was  a spiced cider. They all acted excited to try it, and told me how wonderful it was. I realized later that they probably thought that it had alcohol in it. Luckily they asked for the recipe and so I can let them know that it is alcohol free. They all were so nice and gracious, they told me that the sandwiches were beautiful and the salad was gorgeous and everything was lovely. Later that night I must have had 12 ladies txt me to tell me thank you for such a lovely gathering-how nice is that. It was very fun for me and I hope we can do it again.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

A typical road block

I never figured I would have to allow myself extra time to get where I need to be because the chances of getting stuck behind one of these is about, oh, 100%. We've seen all sizes, shapes and colors. Just don't ever be in a hurry and it's all good.

Field Day

What a great day for a Field Day! The sun was shining and it was Friday. Dallas and a few of his friends getting ready to trap kids as they attempt the obstacle course. It was also a green day-so everyone was to wear at least a green shirt.

Dallas with his teacher Mrs. Macnamara.
Once the field games were over everyone came back to the school for some special events. The school is a "green" school, meaning that because so many of the kids walk or ride bikes to school and they eat only healthy lunches-(no sweets or crisps) they earn a new flag each year. They had a ceremony to raise the new flag. They also had everyone sing a song together. There is a group called JedWard (they are horrible) but they are from Ireland and they have one hit called lipstick, they had changed the words to say "You put your green cape one" instead of "you put your lipstick on". The kids had a great time singing this all together.
Logan with his teacher Ms. Heeney. I forgot to get a photo of Sophie and her teacher.
The kids with Olive Fitzgerald, the schools principal who retired in March. She was so kind to us in our preparations to come and once we were here. She helped us get books and uniforms and feel settled. She even made a house visit to welcome the kids to Ireland. She is such a wonderful woman and really miss her.

The Aran Islands

In front of the Ferry that will take us to the Aran Islands. We got up bright and early so we could make the hour and a half trip to catch the 10:30 Ferry. Notice the weather-we are all dry, not for long.
Everyone is pretty tuckered out from all the excitement of being out of school. Arielle Osborne and her friend Amberlee joined us yesterday. They are still pretty jet lagged. Everyone got in a good little nap. I kept watching the weather out the window and hoping the little droplets of water were from the ferry splashing up. I was wrong-rain.
We were driven around the island in a horse and buggy. Too bad they weren't covered wagons. We were glad we have learned to take rain gear with us where ever we go. However, today we could have used a full suit. Our drivers were full of good information about the island. They were both born and raised on the island and come from generations who have lived here. Patrick, the girls driver, said his family has been here for over 500 years. We passed a beach full of seals and lots of historical buildings on our way to the fort.
The trip wouldn't be complete if we didn't have one of these photos of Sophie.
I had to take this photo. Look carefully to the left of the kids, yes that's Mark doing what he does best, taking photos of other people. I wish I had a picture of every photo he has taken for others. The best part is he just doesn't take the picture he gives them advice on their flash or other adjustments. I know they are all grateful! This is in the fort which was built thousands of years ago at the edge of a 330 ft. cliff. No there are not any fences or guard rails to keep you from falling-scary.
Annie with her cousin IT. As you can see the rain came down pretty good. It started raining when we got off the Ferry and it didn't stop the entire time we were there. We were all soaking wet. Good memories!
Happy that we had hired a horse and buggy and that we weren't on bikes today.
The end of our journey. We never did get a chance to try the American Bar. From here we headed into the sweater market and bought everyone a nice warm dry Irish wool sweater. This is a place to visit again.