Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sophie's 8 year old trip

Somehow we started a tradition that when each of the kids turn 8 they have had a little trip. Most of the trips consisted of going to a baptism of a cousin, none the less they all have had their trip. We have made it a surprise in each event, I guess to add a little excitement to it. Sophie had not had her trip yet and she kept reminding us of this fact. When Mark called and told me he had business in Monaco and asked if I wanted to go, I said Yes of course and told him I thought we should take Sophie along for her big trip. So until 6:00am the morning of Sophie didn't have any idea she would be off to France for her 8 year old trip.
keeping herself entertained on the plane. The poor girl gets so car sick that she threw up the whole way to Dublin, but once we arrived at the airport-all was well with her.
We flew into Nice and we needed to be in Monaco, so you can either take a taxi or a Helicopter. Mark surprised us with a 7 minute helicopter ride. Sophie sat co-pilot for the trip over the ocean.
Getting ready to get into the chopper.
What a view! We were happy that the sun was shining so we could see all the beautiful sights.
Do you think she looks excited? She came out of the helicopter and we had to pull her back down to earth. "That was soooooo awesome." When Logan got word that she rode in a helicopter, I know he wanted to be happy for her, but it was really hard. It took him a day to get a grip on it before he could ask her questions about it. The night we told him we got a txt from him that read "I have  wanted to do that my whole life" with a frowny face. He is our want to be pilot and so I think maybe with a little persuading he may be on this trip next year fulfilling his life long dream.
We walked up to the palace to see the sights of the city. We have pictures of Sophie at this building 4 years ago. There are staircases going down both sides of the building and when we were here before she played Cinderella running down the steps losing her glass slipper. She did the exact same thing this time, as soon as we took this photos she said, "Mom, watch" and ran down the steps dropping one of her shoes. I am glad her imagination is still so alive!

Dinner on the terrace.
Sundown in Monaco.

The next day we decided to make the trek back to the top by the palace. If you had to do that everyday you would be in great shape.
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Here I am laying out! My girls mocked me, they couldn't believe I was wearing a sweater and pants by the pool. I was very comfortable and loved watching Sophie play in the pool.
So fun to be in a pool again. Haven't had weather warm enough to do this in a long time. She had the pool to herself.
We both decided if we could have any car in here it would be this one. Love the wicker seats.
Super hero with her super hero car!

Due to the races that have taken place here for decades they have a great car museum. It is filled with old, old cars to the latest almost batman like vehicles. Sophie loved it and really wants to take the boys there.
Thanks Mark for a super fun trip! We are happy you have business in such cool places.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Testing out all the exercise equipment along the walking path beside the lake in Killaloe. You could really get a good workout if you spent the time on each device.
We decided to go check out a cool little town called Killaloe this afternoon. With the kids out of school and the daylight lasting until 10:30pm it's easy to go spend the afternoon exploring and not worrying about driving home in the dark or before it's too late. That's 1 perk to Ireland. This church was just across the water from where we were walking, it looked so cool with the sun beginning to set.

We learned how to make Daisy chains, and so Sophie is our model of our new talent. There were lots of nice big daisies in Killaloe.

At the top of the hill looking over the city. This lake is supposed to be really great for fishing. Hopefully we'll try it out when Grandpa T joins us in the fall.
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

First Feish

Today was Sophie and Jesse's first Feish. A Feish is an Irish dance competition. You can sign up to compete in several dances, Sophie competed in 5 and Jesse in 3. They were partners in the Two Hand and took 1st place. Sophie had taken up Irish dance just before we left home to come to Ireland. We were lucky to find a terrific teacher right here in our own village who had a studio behind her home. She has taken hundreds of dancers to worlds. Jesse decided that this would be a great opporutnity to learn the art of Irish dancing and so we signed her up as well. She and Sophie have been in the same class. We tease Jesse about all her 5 year old friends. They all love her and I am sure they think they are neat because they have an older girl in their class. One night at dinner the boys were telling us that they had the Jr. Infants (kindergarten) kids in their class because their teacher was gone, and Dallas mentioned a little girl named Alex. Jesse piped right up and said, "Oh, she's my friend, she's in my dance class". We all laughed and figured it wouldn't be too often you could say you were in the same dance class with the Jr. Infants. She has been a great sport about it and just last week she moved up to the next class. (Now she's with the 9 year olds) 
Their first place trophies for the Two Hand.
Jesse taking third place in the single competition. Way to go Jesse!
Sophie took 3rd place in the Walls of Limerick.
Sophie and Jesse performing their Two Hand. When you see them you should ask them to perform for you-they are very cute!
Jesse performing with her new partner. I don't even think this one is 5. She was in heaven to be Jesse's partner and she did win the award for the biggest smile, you couldn't wipe it off if you tried.
Another medal for a great dancer!
Very fun way to spend the afternoon. They both did a great job and are loving every minute of it.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Annie graduates from TY

Annie graduates from TY (transition year). Left to right Maive, Annie, Anna, Jessica, Kelsey and Grace.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Athletics Day at UL

Dallas, Logan and Sophie all qualified to participate in an athletic day at the University of Limerick. Schools from all different counties help events at their schools and the top 2 in each category were invited to be part of the big races. They were just excited because it meant a day out of the classroom. They took a bus and spent the day running and cheering on their friends. Dallas ran the 400 meter and placed 2nd, nice going Dall!
Sophie after running the 100 meter.
Sophie getting ready to run like lightning.
Logan after running the 100 meter and placing 3rd. They are all becoming great runners.
Sophie waiting with Megan and Emma.
Dallas and Kyde waiting for the big race to begin. It was a little chilly that day so trying to get warm before the race was a little tricky.