Monday, April 30, 2012

The Landscape

We have taken several photos of the landscape, so I just put some of them together to give you an idea of our surroundings. Without mountains it feels like the sky just goes on forever. The sunsets are beautiful!
On an early morning walk-very chilly, but the sun came up.
Trying to capture a great sunset while driving-not a great idea or the best photo.
What the sky often looks like
Lots and lots of these guys around. We do live in a farming community and so there are plenty of sheep and cows. We heard someone say, there are more sheep in Ireland than people- I think they might be right.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Community Games

The Community Games were held on April 21, 2012 in Kildimo. They had many events for all to participate in. There were hurdles, long jump, longest puck, shot put, 100, 200, 400, 600 and 800 meter races. There was a pretty good turn out from the community and lots of eager kids to try their hand at all the events. The weather was not as cooperative. It would be pouring one moment, we would all take cover in the clubhouse and then it would clear. We would all run back out and try to get in as many races as possible before it started again. After  three and a half hours of this, the kids were wet and freezing, but they were not about to leave until the last race was over.
They came out pretty well. 8 medals in all. Dallas earned a gold in shot put and a silver in hurldes. Logan 2 silvers, one for the 100 meter and one for the 600 meter race and a bronze in the long jump. Sophie got 2 silvers, one in the 100 meter and one in the 200 meter race and a bronze in hurdles. It was a great day-a little wet, but great!

Regional Activity in Dublin

Service project-making lunches for the homeless, luckily for Annie's sake she did not have to eat these sandwiches for lunch, she has trouble with the bread.
New favorite candy bar!
 FYI these photos came off the girls phone, that will explain most photos. Krystian is in our branch and just moved here from Australia. She is a pure delight and the girls love having her around. They talked her into attending the activity and I think all were glad to be there.
Getting ready for the Oscars. Each ward or Branch put together a short movie and then they were viewed by all and voted on for best comedy, or best film etc. Our Branch won best comedy!
They sure clean up nice.

Several boys from our Branch.

Young Women of the Limerick Branch

Annie and Ashling

Friday, April 20, 2012

Grocery Display

So this was the display in the local market. American food in Ireland. If you look close on the right side, what are those you ask? Don't all you Americans buy hotdogs in water in glass jars? Gross!
They also had sandwich sauce-love that, (what is that?), brownie mix, muffin mix and pancake mix all ready to squeeze out onto the griddle. America has really made an impression as far as good food goes.
Mmmm, Yummy cheeseburger. Can't wait to micro that up.


The boys with their hurley's and their helmets. This is an exclusive game to Ireland, but everyone plays it. You will see old and young walking around town with their hurley's. It's almost a sin to go to the park or beach without it. The boys have become very fond of this game. It is fast paced and their hockey skills have helped them do well. It has been called the fastest game on grass.

You can see my car in the backgroung, it's hard to miss. It says ZAGG on the back window.
Logan all ready to take on the other team.
The boys play on two teams. One is a school team and the other is with the GAA. (Gaelic Athletic Association) When they have school games they are during school hours, they love that. This was after a win on Friday April 20th with the school team. It was a home game and was held at the pitch in Kildimo. The clubhouse is in the background. They lucked out with the weather. It rained just before they started but once it started the sun came out and remained until the match was over.  They are wearing their track suits. They get to wear these on Fridays or on days when they have games.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


We have had the missionaries over for many dinners and great spiritual FHE's. Today we got to have them for a bit of fun on their P-day. We spent the afternoon playing ping pong on our make shift table, with the cool net we bought in France. We played several exciting games of around the world and some favorite card games.
Spoons was a favorite and it got pretty tense between the Elders and the boys, lots of excited screaming and grabbing.
We love the Sisters. Sister Rindlisbacher has been here since January.
Sister Fisher, Jesse and Soph.
Hopefully we filled them all up with homemade pizza and Italian sodas. It was a fun day for the kids to be able to see the crazy side of the missionaries. Of course we had a great lesson before they left.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bunratty Castle

Oh, Dear! Who are you and what have you done with Jesse? Do Leprechauns have braces?
Can't ruin a great hairdo. The weather was typical-pouring one minute and then sunny the next.
Sophie in the Dungeon
The view from one of the towers
Another view from another tower-these two photos were taken just a few minutes apart, see what I mean about the weather.
The grounds remind me a little of This is The Place. Lots of little cottages and beautiful grounds.

Jesse missing our ladies, no we can't take her home.
Queen for the day.
Queen for life.
They have done a terrific job restoring this old castle. Every time I go inside one of these I do wonder how they ever built it and how they lived in it.
You couldn't be a very big prisoner or you wouldn't fit in the Dungeon. Maybe that's a sign of the lack of food-no one was fat.
All of the staircases were very narrow and very steep.

Dad, do you think you could do this my dining room?
How would you like him hanging over your bed? Guardian angel or creepy?
Yes the girl in the green sweatshirt is supposed to be in the photo, just Sophie doing her own thing.

Feel the Love.

If you want to look like this then you should for sure visit Bunratty whenever you are in Ireland.