Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rentrer en France

After 4 years we were finally returning to France. With ticket in hand and thanks to the cheap flights on Ryan Air, everyone was ready to Fly!

When we ordered a people mover they took us serious. We felt like we were in the FBI.
We loved all the space our big van provided. Plenty of room for everyone and everything!
Our first stop was at Julie Vahe's home. She and Annie had become good friends and were so excited to be reunited. As fate would have it Julie was headed to Dublin, of all places, on Monday for a debate tournament. We were glad we could fit a visit into her schedule.
Another friend Emily Babin joined the party. She is living in Paris with her family and was in class with Julie and Annie in 07.
We were all very anxious to get back on the streets of Bourron Marlotte. As soon as we could find a big enough parking space for our bus, we jumped out and walked down the street to our favorite Boulangerie.
Jesse wanted to stop by her friend Clarisse's home to see if she was there. She was and it was a fun reunion. They spoke French with each other and I think they were both genuinely happy to see one another. Clarisse's parents were always very helpful to us when we were there. They both spoke a little English and always willing to lend a hand when we needed it.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Learning to speak Irish

Today while I was shopping at one of the shops I waited for the cashier to give me my total I nearly died laughing (inside of course). He rang up my goods and then said, "That will be tree farty please" (In my mind) No way did he just really say that, so I acted as if not to hear what he had just said and asked him to repeat it-sure enough he said it exactly the same way the second time "tree farty". That would be three forty to you and me. I guess I better start working on my Irish.
So now that you know the proper way to say three, try saying three thousand three hundred thirty three 10 times fast!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

How much would you pay?

Our Sunday morning tradition of Betty Crocker muffins will have to be homemade while we are here, or at least until I can import some. Not willing to pay 4.09. If anyone has a great recipe, I'd love to try it!
Stock up when you see the .80 sale at Dans!

Top Model

Annie was involved in raising money for a special needs school in Limerick, St. Gabriels. To raise the funds they put on a fashion show at the Strand Hotel. The girls got local stores to donate clothes for the use of the show. They had casual, business,  all the way up to prom/tuxedo outfits. It was a great event. Annie modeled an outfit from Seduska, a pair of skinny jeans (I don't think my arm would have fit into them) a cream blouse and a pink jacket-she looked awesome. She could really strut her stuff! They all got their hair professionally done that day at one of the local salons.

Funky swirl-it looked great on her.

Annie, Jade, Grace, Kelsey, Jessica
Annie's cute friends!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sparkling Apple

We have been trying all sorts of new things here, and I was pretty excited when I saw this bottle of sparking apple drink. I bought 2 of them thinking it would be a great surprise for the kids. I pulled it out for dinner and we all poured ourselves a cupful. I tasted it and was not impressed. I waited to see what the others would say. Pretty soon someone said, "This tastes kind of weird." I told them I agreed. Mark said, "It sort of tastes fermented" Well... I guess I should have read the label.
So if you are ever in Ireland and you love fermented apple juice-this one is for you!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Limerick Community Games-Cross Country

Sophie after she did a terific job running the 200 meter. She was up against 38 other under 9 year old girls. She ran so fast she got 3rd place. Way to go Soph.
Logan ran the 600 meter and got himself a bronze medal! Out of 46 boys, not too shabby. Logan can't believe they call a 600 cross country, he wants to run a long race.
Dallas also earned himself a bronze medal in the 1200 meter. It qualifies him to go onto the Nationals in June.
Happy to be finished!
Top 5 in the 1200.
Top 4 in the 600. These boys are too young to move onto Nationals-otherwise Logan would be there.
So this is what the girls do as their waiting and being supportive. I give my phone up for a few minutes and when I get it back it's full of new photos. At least I love the faces in the photos!
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