Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Beautiful girls

We found this old house in our town and we just love it, so we took pictures in front of it. The girls were a little embarassed if anyone drove by and saw us. One old man called me over and asked me if I knew anything about this house. I told him I didn't but we just thought it was really neat. He then proceeded to tell me, in his very thick Irish accent, the story of this house. It was built in the 1800's and one day the man living here was selling potatoes and someone cam to buy some and there was a disagreement over the price of the potatoes and a fight broke out. The man who owned the home was arrested and take the prison in Australia, he took a box of his belongings with him. 100 years later his box was sent back and is now in a museum in Dublin. So, moral of the story-take what you can get for your potatoes and be happy!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our Home

The House-This is where we will be for the next part of our lives. It is located in Kildimo a town about 15 minutes from Limerick city. It is 30 minutes from Mark's work, but has  easy access to the Motorway. Our Landlord is the builder and he has been very helpful in helping us learn how everything works.
The Master Bedroom-there are several more bedrooms upsstairs
Laundry Room, it's on the main floor so it is very convenient for changing out the loads.
The Kitchen
Our main living space-we spend 95% of our time in this area. There is a wood burning stove in the family room and it has been well used. It keeps the room nice and warm.
A Sitting Room on the front of the home.
The entry
Another sitting room as you enter the home. We had seen this home on the computer before we came over and we did like it. When we arrived to look at homes it was tricky to find one that had 4-5 bedrooms. It came down to this or a 3 bedroom so we went with this. It is a lot of space to heat, but it's been a great and we couldn't have picked a better town. The people here have been so kind and helpful in getting us settled. If you have ever wanted to visit Ireland this is your chance! We have plenty of space for and love to have visitors.