Monday, January 30, 2012

First Day of School in the Land of Green

All dressed up and somewhere new to go. Decked in their new duds for their first day of school. Every school in Ireland has a uniform, depending which one you attend determines the color. I think we got pretty lucky, some kids are shamrock green or turquoise blue. Limerick is the only place in all of Ireland where the girls skirts are floor length. It has been that way for a hundred years. The girls thought they might die if they had to wear them, but after being here I think they appreciate how warm they keep them. Besides, when everyone is dressed the same it's not a big deal. Annie said she feels scandalish when she lifts her skirt above her ankles

In front of our gate.

Walking to school. We are close enough that we can walk everyday.

Kildimo National School. Dallas, Logan and Sophie's school. It is a country school.
Entrance to Annie and Jesse's school. Crescent College Comprehensive.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Big Move

Saying Good-bye to our favorite people. Grandma's the best, we will miss her so much!
The girls have grown quite close to Grandpa having him at our house everyday working on the house. We will miss him too!
Tears and more tears-saying good-bye to friends was super, duper hard! Thanks to modern technology they won't be too far away. All the kids have been so brave through the whole process. It is hard to leave your crazy, fun, busy teenage or kid life to go to a country you have never been to and have no idea what lies ahead for you there. Everyone was very anxious, excited, sad, nervous, scared and about 100 other emotions. This was a long process and they hadn't been able to tell their friends for a long time that this was going to happen. It was definitely a roller coaster-one day very excited with statements such as, "I can't wait to get there-let's go" and then the next, "I don't really want to go, let's not". I just pray that in the end it will be beneficial for all!
2 bags per person-12 in all!
Grandpa making sure they all fit-he's so good at that!
One leg of the journey down-we all arrived at the airport, now the long part begins.

We could just hope that all the bags will arrive when we de.

Getting checked in-every bag weighed in at the perfect weight 50lbs no more and hardly any less!

Waiting for take off.
The seating was grand-3 and 3.

They make my job pretty easy-they are great travelers. They helped to keep track of all the pillows and bags. It helps when everyone can carry their own now.
After 17 hours of travel we finally Arrived at Dublin airport on January 24, 2012. Waiting for Mark to show up in the Zagger Wagon, as the kids call it, with a trailer attached so we can get all the bags home.
Here's to our new adventure!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Job

Mark in his office at Phil Cook and Associates. Leaving his view of Salt Lake City for a different, greener, wetter one.

 Mark had a new opportunity placed before him in Fall of 2011 which would require a big move for him and the whole family. He would be the new Managing Director for Zagg Internationl, which is located in Shannon, Ireland. After months of discussion as a family, we decided to take on this adventure. Mark moved over in November to get things rolling. Returned home for Christmas and then back to Ireland in January. The kids and I came over at the end of January. Mark outside the offices of Zagg-his new home.