Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Grandma's funeral

The one thing funeral's will do is make everyone take a moment out of their busy, busy lives and come together to celebrate the life of someone they love.
It was a fast, but a great reunion for the kids to get to see their cousins that we don't see much. As you can tell from the faces it was a late night of IPad gaming.
The girls had a real sleepover. They had their own room with two beds for the four girls, but the report we got in the morning was that all four of them slept in one bed. They were just happy to be together.

They all do clean up nice. Gathered in the Relief Society room for the family prayer.
My cousin Nicole and her husband Bryce and their cute kids.
My grandmother had all 33 of her grand childlren in attendance, a great tribute to her love.
The separation was a natural one, no one told the boys to do that. But as you can see we needed Shaun's 3 boys to help balance out a little bit.

Three good lookin guys.

The pallbearers were the oldest sons from each family and her very faithful home teacher of 20 years or so.
Me and my three very handsome brothers. This was a strange experience for me to see all my brothers looking so grown up, it hit me that they are men, not my little brothers. I always feel so special, and very protected when I am surrounded by them.

Just a regular pose is no good for Shaun, so this creative shot is from Shaun's brain. (I wish I could climb in there for a day!) Our family after the graveside service. They had a man who loved my Grandmother very much sing a beautiful song and then my dad dedicated her grave. He always says the most wonderful things.
My Grandmas husband of the last 20 years picked out the spray for the top of her casket. I thought it was so lovely and a beautiful reminder of his love for her.

My Great-Grandfather-he settled this valley.
My Grandmothers 1st husband. They called him Brick because he had a very red beard. We think between his and my dad's red beard is where my red hair came from.
I can't wait to meet him someday.
After the services the ward members put on a nice meal for all the family. We were happy to have an air conditioned church to come back to. It was pretty warm out there.
The kids loved the cupcakes.
Once all the tables were put away the gym became a perfect dance floor for the girls.

No one ever wants to be the one left out so they all piled in for a short drive to go check out the tortoise. My Grandmas bishop has a tortoise that their daughter received as a gift when she was 15. It is now 15 years old and huge. We wanted the kids to get a peek at it.

He was up and about for us to check him out. He just roams around their yard and eats watermelon, cantaloupe and loves bananas.

On Sunday we attended the 9:00 sacrament service before heading our separate ways.
The people of Monticello are blessed to have a temple right next to their church. It services the whole area between Salt lake to Monticello and St. George to Monticello.
I was happy we could all be together and listen to stories and hear testimonies born by my grandmothers children. They all shared wonderful memories of their life with her as a teacher and a mother. As a granddaughter I know that I learned a lot from her example and her tender ways.
The service was beautiful and a wonderful tribute to her 96 years full of service and love.

Donald the Duck

This is Donald, the Duck, our Duck. Yes we have chickens and a duck. What in the world? you ask yourselves (I ask myself this everyday). Well Logan's class does a whole section on ducks at school. They read about ducks, study ducks, draw ducks, color ducks and even raise them from tiny ducklings. They read the book "Make Way for the Ducklings" (if you have never read this to your kids I highly recommend it). So the teacher tells the students when they are done with this section the first four children who come to school with a note stating they can take one of the ducks home may have one.
Logan started bugging us about it-but we told him "No, we do not want a duck! they are messy and stinky, No". Time went on and the persistence did not stop. He wanted a duck so bad. Mark, (the softy), finally said what does it matter if we bring the duck home. I agreed it wasn't a big deal. We would keep it for a few weeks and then take it to the park to live with the other ducks. (a great idea until we found out he cannot fly) Mark, the softy again, couldn't stand to think that the duck would be alone so he ordered 14 friends to come and live with Donald. They all lived in our basement in a TV box until it was so stinky that they had to be moved to the garage-then started the process of the $100,000,000 chicken coop. (that's the story of our chickens)
Well needless to say Donald loved his friends and as he grew older and into a boy duck (we thought he was a hen) he loved his friends too much and he needed to find a new home. We advertised him on KSL and to our surprise we got a taker. Russell from Lehi who has ducks and young boys was thrilled to give Donald a home. He had ordered 2 ducks, a girl and a boy, but turns our he got two girls so I am sure Donald will be very happy in his new home.
The best part was while we were away on vacation they came and picked him up so we didn't have any drama saying good-bye. So now my kids can tell their kids they had a pet duck named Donald.

Talents on Browning

Today was the talent show for Browning Circle. Jack did a great job organizing the date, time and who would be participating. He worked very hard making sure it was at a time that everyone could be there and working around crazy summer schedules that was not an easy task.

Logan thrilled everyone was a little tune on the banjo.
Sophie and Kate put together quite the gymnastics number-no Sophie is not in gymnastics but with a friend like Kate and an imagination like Sophie anything is possible.

Sam is always a wower, and with Tabo as his sidekick it was a great number.

We also had scooter jumping, bike jumping, magic tricks, baton twirling-it's endless the talents these kids have.

Jack-the organizer. A real talent indeed. Thanks Jack for all your hard work to make our street so special.