Monday, July 12, 2010

Update on Emmy

So we can all sleep better at night (and at 5 am) Emmy has found a new home on a farm with 22 hens in Tooele. Carol (the lady who worked with us at This is the Place) took Emmy home with her in a white sack a week ago. She gave us a report on Wednesday July 7 when we worked with her again.
She said they left with Emmy and had plans to go and eat at Training Table. The sack which Emmy was in had to be held closed because he was really trying to get out. So much so that he pecked her grand daughter who had really taken a liking to him. I think he really wanted to get out of the sack and be free. The bag began to shake and they were worried he may die before they got home.
When they arrived at the restaurant they decided they could not leave him in the car because it was to hot and he would probably make a mess of things in the car, so they put him in the bushes and hoped he would be there when they came out. She said he was just dripping in sweat.
To our luck he was still there and very content to be eating bugs and getting fresh air. Back into the bag he went for the rest of the drive home.
When they arrived home she made a phone call to her friend who owns chickens to see if he would be interested. He was and so they took him down to the farm-his new home.
She said they checked on him again a few days later and he was in complete control of the hens.
The kids were relieved that he made it safely and that he did not become someones Sunday dinner.

A Century of Sunshine

My dear sweet Grandma left her mortal body peacefully on July 9.
She was one of my favorite people in the whole world. She married her sweetheart and together they had 6 children. He died from a kidney disease and she was alone to raise their cute little family by herself, the oldest child being 8 and the youngest was 1. She raised her family in a 1 room schoolhouse that she had moved to Monticello. With the help of the Elders they transformed it from one room to include 3 bedrooms-a girls room, a boys room and mamas room.
She taught school for 28 years and there's hardly a person in Monticello who wasn't blessed by her poetry festivals, or a perfect year in the 4th grade.
She taught primary for 51 years and served a mission in Boise, Idaho.
She never missed a grandchild or great grandchild's birthday. There was always a card with a $2 bill inside.
She made thousands of quilts for every grandchild and great grand children and many more to auction off at our reunions.
She remarried at 75 and has been married for the last 21 years to John Hemmelberger. I am grateful for him and the companionship he gave this great lady.
I could go on and on about what a wonderful woman she was and a great example to anyone that knew her. Since her passing many people have cried in gratitude that they had known her.

Since I can remember this is Grandma's house. I can remember pulling up many times late at night to this little white bungalow and being so excited to run inside and find her there waiting for our arrival.

These two pictures were above her bed and the first things you saw when you walked in her room. It is a reminder to us all of her devotion to God and the importance of prayer in her life.
Grandma I love you and am grateful for all the things I learned from you!
A Bientot.

One year wiser

Happy Birthday Grandpa T!
We got together to celebrate Grandpa T's birthday . Erin made a delicious dinner and I brought blueberry pie. It was a beautiful evening to be outside and enjoy being together.
We love you dad and hope to celebrate a thousand more!

Nesting boxes for the Ladies

Mark was hard at work-putting beds in the palace for the ladies. We figure they should start laying any day now. We hope they can figure out what these cute little boxes are for.
We had to put them up here, but each night there are a few more roosting than the night before, so we think they will get the hang of it.

Goodbye Emily!

July 2, 2010
Emily and Annie were very sad to have to seperate after a week of fun, chitter chat, more fun and more chitter chat. Those two hardly stopped talking to take in air.
Goodbye! We hope we get to do this again, maybe in France!
Au revoir mon ami.

Friday, July 2, 2010

What Time is It?

Had to make the stop at East High- the school where they filmed High School Musical. Unfortunately it was locked and we couldn't get the photo with the pink locker.
What Time is it? Summer Time! It's our vacation. Sing with me now......

Dinner Time

We put everyone to work making dinner, becuase many hands make light work and everyone was starving. Emily had the fun job of tending the onions.
Of course they found time to snap a few self photos of themselves.

More Fun

We went to Grandma T's today for some swimming and tennis. Annie & Emily made up a little routine and gave me a performance.
Sometimes I am worried they might turn into fish.

I think we have work Emily right out!
The girls crashed on the couch for a couple of hours while I was out with the boys on the court.
Summer is so fun, but exhausting. Playing hard all day and staying up late equals a nap in the afternoon.

Our Rooster Emmy

Today since it is our volunteer day at This is the Place Heritage Park, which is a pioneer village that guests can visit to see Pioneer life "in action". We all dress in period clothing and are assigned to one of the homes in the village so when guests arrive we can tell them about the home. They have tried to recreate the Salt Lake Valley as it may have been when the pioneers arrived. There is a school, a cabinet shop, ZCMI-the kids favorite (they can purchase candy and soda there) and a farm. They have chickens, lambs, horses, geese etc. A few weeks ago they had a fire in their barn and lost some of their animals, one of which was a rooster. I figured I would make their day when I showed up with a "donation" Emmy our rooster. He was supposed to be a hen, we only ordered hens, but turns out she was a he. We are not zoned for roosters and when he learned how to Cock-a-doodle-doo a few days ago-he had to go. We hauled him up there with us but the farmer said NO they didn't want him.So now I had a rooster in a basket for the day, great!

Emily was a great sport and humored Annie and tried being a pioneer for a few hours, even though her foot was still a little swollen. She stepped on something in our backyard that her foot didn't like, I think it may have been a bee.

Soph holding the 10 lb. Emmy, at least she thinks he weighs that much.

Sophie and Lily are transformed when we are here. They have really taken to playing little pioneer girls-they stay busy for hours, playing with the homemade toys in the house, or gathering wood for the stove, cooking or sweeping up the house. I love watching them and their imaginations soar.
The kids have never held Emmy so much before until they thought maybe he wasn't coming home.
The good news is Emmy did not come home with us. There was a woman working in the home with us today who lives in Tooele and she said she had many neighbors with chickens and roosters and was sure that one of them would like him- lucky for me. She didn't even have my phone number to call me if she couldn't dump him somewhere. I guess we'll find out how it went next week.
She had her grandchildren with her and was planning to take them to eat at the Training Table with the rooster-can't wait to hear about that one. They took him home in a large white bag. Good-bye Emmy hope you love your new home on a real farm.
Now I won't have to wonder what that noise is at 5:oo a.m.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Something New for Sophie

Sophie spends hours at the piano teaching herself songs like "Mary had a little Lamb" or "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". She even learned how to play it upside down.
She begged for piano lesson and I figured any child who spends that much time trying to figure out things on her own deserves lessons. We hope her love for the piano continues for a very long time.


June 29, 2010
We decided to spend our day up in the beautiful mountains at Snowbird.
The kids started out on the bungee tramps. We had one on each tramp in this shot.
Annie & Dallas flip together.
Annie & Emily both doing back flips.
Sophie really got good at jumping high. She didn't want to take a chance with the back flips.
Logan got the double back flip down and was going for a triple.
The kids got all harnessed up to try out the new ropes course.
Emily taking a rest with a gorgeous backdrop.
Annie & Sophie cruising right along.
Everyone thought this was a lot of fun. They are roped in to the top rails. They just have to keep their ropes in front of them to keep moving along.

Everyone thought it was fun until Sophie realized how high she was-had a little melt down and the employee who stays up there in case of emergencies helped her back to the ground.

Annie & Emily heading up to take the alpine slide down.
Down comes Annie.
Down comes Emily.
I was on the chair lift as Annie & Emily were coming down and got a birds eye view of them sailing down.
The boys were very careful drivers, but loved racing each other.
Sophie even got brave and went down on her own. She loved it! We were very lucky that there were not many people there and so they kids could go down the slide over and over.
Sophie got up her nerve by practicing with me on the back. My arms just weren't long enough to get all of Sophie's face in the shot.
Logan was a great bull rider and stayed on way longer than 8 seconds.
Annie and Emily taking a ride on the zip line.
They got 2 rides in without too much of a wait. Emily was a little nervous the first time about the stop, but after doing it once the fear was gone.
This is the tram at Snowbird. We were able to take it to the top so we could show Emily what it looks like at 11,000 feet. The tram takes you up 2900 vertical feet in 1.6 miles.
It's pretty amazing-she may have to come back to see what it looks like covered in snow.
It's much windier and a cooler up at the top. We all wished we had our sweatshirts with us.
Showing off the snow in the background.
We kept telling Emily about our snow and that it's the greatest snow on earth, so we made her touch it and get really cold. She wouldn't believe us that it is actually printed on our license plates how great our snow is.Trying to warm up before the tram heads back down.
This was one way the boys could get warm. They turned into monkeys and climbed a little higher.
The other attraction that the boys loved was the climbing wall. Once again because of the low crowd they could climb and climb and climb to their hearts content.
The girls even gave the wall a go.
Dallas can't seem to get away from catching butterflies no matter where he goes.
We had a terrific day and I think we succeeded at wearing them completely out. They all fell asleep in the car on the way home.
Snowbird is one of our favorite summer traditions.