Monday, June 28, 2010

Crane Reunion 2010

June 26-June 27
Just hours after Emily arrived we put all the kids in the car and headed to Idaho for the Crane Reunion. We took Emily through 3 states in one day-Utah, Wyoming,
and Idaho.
Having a great time at Camp Baretoes.
This sheep herders camp pulled in during the middle of the reunion. I couldn't resist asking if I could take a photo. Mark's grandpa Crane who homesteaded the area we were in was a sheep herder. The wild and crazy girls. 7 cowgirls- Natalie, Sarah, Jesse, Annie, Emily, Jennifer and Jamie.
2 little cowgirls. Soph and Annie. Aunt Wilma made stick horses for the kids to go on a "ride" with. She took them up in the hills on their horses and then had an area all prepared with a blanket for stories and treats.
Everyone was given a colorful cowboy hat to help get in the cowboy spirit.
All the cowboys and cowgirls listened to Aunt Wilma tell them stories of their Great-Grandpa.

Soph found the perfect spot for lunch, and Annie decided to join her.In the afternoon Grandpa took the boys fishing. They had a banner day. They each caught 3 and I think everyone else did too. We always benefit from their fishing trips with a tasty snack.
They didn't waste much time when they returned from fishing. They moved from catching fish to catching butterflies. There were plenty of them and a large variety to make their collection very diverse.
Preparing for the big lamb dinner and dutch oven potatoes. It takes many hands to peel the pounds of potatoes it takes to feed a crew like this.
Karen can hardly contain herself-it's her birthday on Saturday.Group photo.
Family photo.Grandma and her 8 siblings. This reunion was in a way dedicated to their sister Karen who died 2 years ago. We all miss her.
The beautiful Bennington Valley.
Great Grandma's great red barn.
Of course a trip to Grandma's house would not be complete without a ride on the wheelers.
4 beautiful girls all dressed up for church.
They survived all 3 hours, and still look beautiful.
Back home in Utah.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Emily arrives

June 26, 2010

She has safely arrived after her very long flight and layover. She is finally here.

Annie has been so excited to have her friend Emily come and stay with us for a week. Today was the big day and she finally arrived. Her flight was a little early and arrived before midnight.
They were both so giddy and excited to see each other.
They became good friends at school in France-they were each others life saver. They talked about getting together once we came back to the states, and today
it is a reality.

I hope Emily gets some sleep because already on the trip home from the airport there was constant chattering. They aren't sure how they will ever catch each other up on their lives. When I came upstairs Emily had pulled out her yearbook-what a great week they will have.

8 days and counting

Sophie with Brownie
I'm amazed at what $7 can buy you. Sophie really wanted this big stuffed dog and when the red price tag was marked $6.99 I thought, ok why not it's cheap, but then I thought I bet
I could get some mileage out of this big stuffed dog. I brought it home and let Sophie hug it and love it for a minute and then we talked about how she could earn it. I told her if she could go 7 days without whining she could earn "Brownie" (her name). We put him safely at the top of her mirror on her dresser so she could see him, but not touch him and started our countdown. Wow-the self control when something that "big" is at stake is pretty amazing.
She was confused at first between whining and crying. She asked me if she got hurt and cried would she have to re-do that day. I had to explain that it was ok to cry sometimes, it's the whiny voice or whining when she didn't want to do something she was asked- that was what we were working on. Not that she is a particularly whiny child, but she is 6.The next 8 days were heaven.
She struggled one day and realized that she would have to add an extra day to her chart in order to fulfill her part of the bargain, there wasn't any whining about it though.
What a happy night Sunday night was when Brownie was officially hers.

A New Life

Is it possible for all this to fit into half of one girls room at college? We sure hope so. Cute Autumn will have this challenge in a few days as she moves to her new home and starts her new life at BYU. Her dream is finally coming true. She has told all of us for the last 4 years that this is where she will be going for college-sure enough despite all the other offers from other schools, she followed her dream and arrived in Utah a few days ago with her life packed in a Rubbermaid.The girls adore their cousin and long to be around her as much as they can. So much so they suffered cement floors and a freezing room with 1 small blanket all night so they could spend the night with her in her new room.
She had that room whipped into shape and everything in it's place in about 2 hours.

She entertained us on her guitar and beautiful voice with a few songs she has written in the last year.The cousins were happy to be reunited again. The girls had a great time together and acted as if they had never been apart.Sophie and Az.
Monica and I never have our picture taken together so I decided this time we would. One of my very favorite people in the whole world. I never tire of being with her talking to her listening to her and getting all sorts of "how to raise a teenager" advice from her. Love ya, Mo and good luck Autumn. Remember you are only 40 minutes away now!

The Garbage Can

So, I was at the D.I. the other day (I love that store) and what do I spy but a brand new silver garbage can for $5.00. Do you know how much these things are in the store? Around 30 bucks. So I walked around with it until it was time to check out. Brought it home and put it in the most appropriate spot in the house-the boys room. Can you think of a better place for Boy's dirty clothes than a garbage can? Me either. They love it and so do I-especially the price.
I have been wanting to get them one for some time but never wanted to pay the big bucks-patience is a good thing.

Cooking Class

One of the goals this summer is to teach the kids some cooking skills. I really would love them to know how to make a few good meals and how to make bread and treats. (They are already pretty good at many things, just want to sharpen their skills and know when they head off to college they won't starve).
Sophie and Lily are busy squeezing the limes into our salsa.
It was a perfect Saturday-nothing on the calendar, yeah, and so we decided to take advantage and begin with cinnamon rolls, bread and salsa. Here they are at the fun stage-lathering the dough with butter and cinnamon and sugar.

Everything turned out delicious!
The bread, and cinnamon rolls were gobbled up in no time.
Way to go girls.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Night Sky

June 6, 2010

Wow! Did anyone see that night sky on Sunday? We walked outside and the sky and the air were almost eerie. It was so still and the way the light was hitting the clouds was amazing.
My little camera can't even come close to capturing it, but it was as if it were a pre tornado sky.

Run for Rex 5K- June 5, 2010

Dallas and Logan with their shirts and numbers were excited to run their first 5K since they decided to become big runners.
This was a race to benefit a little boy named Rex who was just diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor-we are always happy when the race can help someone in need.

Right at the front of the line waiting for the horn with Taylor and Lilly.

All finished and all red faced. Whew! They crossed the line with a time of 25:18, not bad boys.

Our friends the Randall's are closely connected to Rex and so they were there to run with.
Way to go Clara-she ran the whole race.

Logan was downing the fruit to refill his gas tank.

We had checked out the times and learned that they boys came in 4th place after 3 12 year old boys. The cut off for the kids was 12 and under. When they read Logan's name as the third place winner, well you can see the surprise that it was.
He was awarded a $25 gift certificate to Trafalga. (Of course he will be splitting it with Dallas because they crossed the line at the same time.)
Getting up early and exerting a lot of energy can wear a person right out. Both boys were out for the ride home.

Red Mango

One thing we love about summer are the spontaneous things we can do because there is not a schedule.
There is a new Red Mango on the corner of 21st and 15th. They were offering free yogurt from 4-7 so we decided to take the troops and take them up on their offer. We were not the only ones who thought it was a good idea-the placed was packed. It was a great treat for a hot day.