Friday, May 28, 2010

Blue & White May 28, 2010

This was our last blue and white day with all the kids together. It's been so great to have all the kids in the same school for the last 2 years.
Blue and White day is typically our last day of school (due to graduation conflicts we had it the one week early this year, a titch anti climatic.)
They divide all the kids up onto two teams-either the blue team or the white team. Those teams are then divided into 9-10 teams depending how many kids there are. They line up on the field at Sugarhouse Park behind their team number, blue on one side and white on the other and then they do different relays. They keep track of which teams win which races and keep score so at the end of the day they can announce a winner.
The kids love it and it's a very fun competition for everyone.
I was just happy the weather cooperated and left us with a beautiful day.
Here's Jesse running the handkerchief relay.
Sophie in the same race. All the Reed children were on the same team-Blue #6. I got to be the team leader of that same team.
They try to keep siblings together, which was great for me.
Logan keeping his hand over his cup of water to try to fill our bucket as fast as possible.
Dallas trying to keep the ball between his legs and hop as quickly as he can.

Annie did a pretty good job keeping that slippery ball where it needed to be.
Dallas and the boys.
Spencer, Geo, Thomas, Dallas & Riley.
Logan and friends.
Annie's had a hard time keeping composed this week. A lot of emotion running through the halls at school. A lot of these kids have been together for a lot of years and they will all spread out into different schools next year.

They also have a classmate that was just diagnosed with bone cancer and she has not been able to be with them for the last few weeks and it has put many emotions close to the surface.
Sierra gives Annie a comfort hug.

This is the final game of Blue & White day. The Tug of War. This is an E form (8th grade) only activity. Each year it is the most exciting part of the day to watch the E form go up against each other. Mr. Jeff's stands with the hose in the middle for the losing team to cross into the water so the mark of loser is left until the sun can take it away.
The war was pretty even in the beginning-neither team was able to pull the rope one way or the other, it just sat still for several minutes until, it looked as if the white team had a little more muscle. That was all it took for the Blue team to muster their last bit of energy and pull the white through the water. Yea!!! The Blue team dominated this year. (I am just glad that was the color of our shirts today). The blue team basking in their victory-giving high fives to all the kids. The smaller kids are all scared of the E formers until they become their champions.

A few happy blue team members.

The 2010 E form class after Blue and White.

This is actually more like it.
Mr & Mrs. Jeff's in their "casual" uniform. Mr. Jeff's told the assembly to take a good look because it could be another year before they see him without a tie on again, and I think it's true.

The medal-May 28, 2010

Well, if you can imagine Logan was very anxious to get to school this morning. As soon as we arrived we walked into Mr. Taylor's office and Logan gave his report that he had finished his 26 miles.
Mr. Taylor was very surprised and told Logan that he figured he was going to pass off the medal next week. I told him that I am sure that was part of the incentive because of the holiday weekend that was a very long time to wait.
Mr. Taylor had the medal on his desk and pulled it out and put it around Logan's neck and told him how great he thought it was. Logan was very excited. Mr. Taylor told Logan that he had taken 9th in this particular race-it was the Park City marathon 2004.
We hope this is the start of many more miles put in by Logan.
I did spend a little time doing some research on upcoming 5k's and half marathons. It wouldn't surprise me if I am posting pictures from one of those events soon.
I think he has got the fire burning under Dallas now-we'll see how contagious it is with the rest of the family.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Finish Line

Logan ran 5 miles when he got home from school. We had told him the max was 3 because he needed some energy left for hockey, but he wanted to keep going.
He went to hockey and did a great job, but couldn't wait to get home and try to finish.
Mark decided to clock the circle again and much to our surprise you only need to run 5.1 laps around the circle for 1 mile. After we calculated the number of laps Logan had already run we figured out that he only needed to run 7 more laps to finish. So you guessed it, there was no stopping him.
He sprinted the last lap and broke through the winners tape.
His siblings were so excited for him. Dallas made him a paper medal to put on when he finished.Jesse made a poster of congratulations.
He went from a goal of 10 days to completing it in 4 days-pretty amazing! Way to go Logan.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Marathon

So here's Logan our determined child-most things he puts his mind to he accomplishes. On Monday May 24th he told me he wanted to run 26.2 miles before school got out on June 4. He needed to figure out how many miles he would have to run each day in order to complete this new goal. He figured he would need to run about 3.5 miles each day to finish by June 4. His first day he ran 4 miles, which in our circle we clocked with Mark's handy dandy measuring wheel that 6 laps equals 1 mile. He was pretty excited and so the next day, Tuesday he ran 4 more miles, even in his white shirt and cords. This seemed pretty easy and so he decided to up his goal and to try to finish the 26.2 miles by this Saturday, May 29.
Today, Wednesday May 26, he ran 6 miles. I think a small part of his new determination stemmed from a phone call he received tonight from the headmaster of our school, Mr. Taylor. Mr. Taylor is a big runner (I think he runs 26.2 miles for his daily workout). I had told Mr. Taylor about Logan's new goal and so on his own he called Logan tonight and told him that for each marathon he had completed he had received a medal. He had pulled out one of his medals and told Logan as soon as Logan finished all the miles
to come and see him in his office the day after he finishes and he would give Logan the medal. You couldn't wipe the smile off his face.
I can't think of a better motivation-he didn't want to stop tonight, but it got dark and I made him quit. He still had enough energy when he finished his six miles to do a victory jump.
He has done the math 100 times to figure out when he might cross the finish line.

This is his chart that he made to keep track of the miles.

He is walking a little funny and so I asked him if his legs were sore and he said, "yes! it hurts so bad right here-pointing to his thighs-it really hurts when I walk".

I hope he makes it and can still walk when he's done.

I think the idea came from one our goals last summer. I told each of the kids if they ran 26 miles during the summer that I would pay them $1 per mile, but I would only pay them if they completed all 26 miles and they had to finish before school started. Everyone actually accomplished the goal-we were down to the wire on a few of the kids but they all did it. I don't know if Logan thought we would be repeating this again this summer, but decided he would like to start early. He did suggest tonight that I should pay him like I did last year-we'll see.

He has hockey on Thursday's and so we told him he needed to save his energy to be a good goalie, but he thinks he can do both.


Sophie had a tea party for herself and 3 of her friends. When I asked them to clear the table and set their plates next to the sink this is what I found.
Pretty clever and definitely more fun to find than the usual boring stack.
I'm so happy to have these little moments to bring a smile to my face and reflect on the simple pleasures.
Maybe we'll try it and see what our server does the next time we eat out.
(I'll be sure to have my camera handy in case they want a photo.)

May snowstorm

What was the date again? Did you say May 24th?
Yes we had an amazing storm today that left a white, wet, heavy blanket over the grass and flowers.
With the trees full of leaves and then the added weight of the snow there were many big branches in the road that came down due to the unseasonable storm.
Luckily it had all melted by the time the kids got home from school so they didn't request their snow gear I had just packed away for the summer. (did I say summer? we hope this was a fluke and won't be happening again for awhile and we really will get a summer.)

No more training wheels

A record breaking moment at the Reeds.
Each chapter we close is so sad, yet so exciting. It proves we are moving onward and upward (and getting older).
Our last child Sophie learned to ride her bike without training wheels.
It's always an amazing process to me, one day it seems impossible, the next like they have done it their whole life.
She didn't want much to do with her bike eversince she got it last year for her birthday. She rode it occasionally, but not very often. Now that the extra wheels are gone, we can't get her off of it.
Around and around the circle she goes-it's amazing and a delight to watch each little confidence building experience.
It's official we have 7 bike riders in the Reed household.
Wow-now all the kids can pump on a swing, swim, tie their shoes and ride a bike. All big ones in my book.
(We always manage to have these grand experiences in the most interesting outfits-obvioulsy dressing herself is something she mastered long ago.)

Temple Square in the Spring

We drove down to Temple Square on a beautiful Sunday Afternoon in May. The spring flowers were so vibrant and colorful, it was a lovely way to spend the day.
We took individual pictures of the kids in front of the Temple for them to put in their rooms as a reminder that it is somewhere they want to be able to go.
We are so lucky to have this beautiful building and grounds right in the middle of the city for everyone to enjoy.

Photo credit goes to Jesse. She was getting fancy with her angles.

Sophie's Self Portraits

This is what you get when your 6 year old sees a vacant podium at the ice rink and gets a hold of a camera.
These are all self portraits so when there is a missing arm it's because it is holding the camera.
Don't we all wish we had this much self confidence.
These last two were taken by me (at Sophie's request) so that she could have her whole body and the podium in the shot.
I only posted 2 out of about 20. When I would tell her it was the last shot she would say, "just one more", I ended up with about 16 "one mores".
She would have made a fabulous 1st place winner. I guess it doesn't hurt to practice for the "someday".

Pinewood Derby

Pinewood Derby
May 19, 2010 This year the boys really wanted to go for speed so they looked up a bunch of designs online and found a few they thought might work.
Dallas' car did a great job. It took 5th overall. (of course it probably would have won if....)
Logan went for the metallic look.
Logan's did a great job as well. His wheels were a little off and so was the weight, causing it to shake a bit as it came sailing down the track.
We all know and love Logan for his great desire to succeed-needless to say this was not the greatest night in history at the Reed home as far as Pinewoods go.
The cars are still keepers and safely on the shelf for display.