Sunday, January 24, 2010

A few more photos

Here I sit as much as I can be in the water. I couldn't turn around and smile at the camera becasue that would break the BLT rule.
the beach out the back of the resort

Mark on top of Diamond Head

Mark and Garth on top of the Marriott playing tennis

On the beach.

Mark posing in front of someone elses jeep.
He thought he was so funny

So here are a few more photos-we have a million more to show you when we get home but we wanted to post a few more. We love you and can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hawaii 2010 1st couple of days

Here I am getting the royal treatment in my wheelchair shuttle. I was actually grateful because our connections were quite long distances and I would have really held up the group, and besides it gave dad a lot of extra leg room to be a "special needs" traveler. Thank you United.
This is the hotel we stayed in the first night. The Pagoda. We ate their buffet the next morning for breakfast-it was a great price and conveniently located to the airport.
The Pagoda was actually written up in the guide book as a "floating restaurant". It doesn't actually float but it is made to look like it does. It was our first day of walking around to look at all the beautiful greenery. After we ate breakfast we headed to the local Walmart down the road and enjoyed the beautiful weather and all the beautiful flowers.
We did eat at a little local hole in the wall restaurant with a very kind owner and we all tried something authentic. We ate kimchee, homemade noodle soup, spicy chicken and so forth. It was fun and made us feel like we were in another country.
Here I am actually talking to Grandma T about how good my kids are, on the balcony of our condo.
This is the Lagoon we spent our time on the first day we were here. There are four of them along the path right by our condo.
The grass above the beach is so cool. I wish we could grow it at home. It is very soft, short and looks fake. Above the beach is beautifully landscaped with palm trees. bushes, and great side walks.
This is the same Lagoon we spent our day at. You can see the condo buildings from this view.

This is part of the property that you walk through to get to the path for the beach. The grounds are covered with ponds, pools, and lush beautiful landscape.

This is the view from our balcony. We are on the 2nd floor. The pool is very warm. If you can see the chairs that are sitting in the pool are perfect for me to sit in so that I can be
in the water but not swimming. The depth is only a few inches and so your bottom gets a little wet sitting in the chair and your feet can also get wet. Right after the edge of where the chairs sit the pool is about 4 feet deep so it is also very warm and the perfect pool to swim laps in or just relax. There are plenty of other chairs to lay in outside of the pool as well. I will take some other photos of these huge loungers they have as well. I actually fell asleep out there today laying in a chair. (don't worry I had a towel, a hat and sunscreen on) I will probably be the only person who comes home from Hawaii that won't look like the sun even came out.

More of the pools on the resort on the way to the beach.

Can you believe these are so beautiful in January. We keep reminding ourselves that it's January.
Another view from the balcony.
This is our bathroom.

Our bedroom, the bed is very comfortable. Dad can snore just as loud here as he does at home. I actually slept without my brace last night.
Here is our kitchen. We are happy to have a good place to cook our meals. It has two appliances that I have always wanted to try out. The drawer microwave that you see straight ahead, which I do like a lot, and there is a two drawer dishwasher. We have pretty much everything we need in here to prepare all our meals.
In this photo I am standing on the balcony, the table is on the balcony and I am looking into the condo through the doors that open all the way. I opened one a little so you could see how they open (on the left) It makes it feel very open and I love having the air come through. I did leave them open while I went to the pool and I guess we had a few treasures left from some birdies. Next time I better close them when I go out.

This is a different angle from the balcony looking into the kitchen. Don't you think it would be cool to put some doors like this on our house?

So here I am looking from inside the condo out onto the balcony with the doors open.

This is the stake center where we were privileged to hear Elder Cook speak to a very large group. We sat in the very back, but they had screens and we could all hear well. I thought it was very funny when it was time to sing the song with the audience everyone pulled out their blackberries, iPhone, iPod touch, etc and pulled up the song and sand-no need for songbooks. What a world of technology.
After church we went to visit Pearl Harbor-USS Arizona. This is a memorial they built over the top of this ship that sunk. At the end of the memorial they have a room where they have listed all the names of those lost on that December day. I think you would have felt the same feelings you did when we were in Normandy. I was once again reminded how lucky we are to have so many who gave their lives for our freedom.
Mark at the USS Arizona Memorial.
I found this flower on the ground and couldn't resist. Aren't they amazing?
My back is doing great- I truly feel lucky to be here to recoup, I am being very careful, but am almost in tears each night that my legs don't hurt and that my back feels stronger each day. I still bend at my knees, I think I will have very strong legs and I still have not done any BLT. I am being very good but it's amazing what the sun can do. I wish you were all here-someday we will all visit here together. Dad has figured out how the condo would work for our family-too many places to go and too little time and money.
We love you and I will put more pics on tomorrow.