Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring Break- Big Water Yurt 2009

Big Water Yurt
Millcreek Canyon
April 9-10, 2009

We are all ready to start our trek up the mountain with all our gear, enthusiasm, energy and excitment enough for all seven of us. We had to haul in our own water, food and sleeping equipment. We decided to pull it in on sleds rather than try to carry it on our backs.
Sophie had a free ride most of the way, but she did get out on occasion when the hill was too steep, and then we had to sing songs and ask a hundred questions to keep her mind off the fact that she was actually walking up hill in the snow.
Everyone got their turn to help get everything to the top.

She really was happy to be there, she just looks tired and worn out.

There were mile markers every 1/2 mile and so that is when we chose to take our breaks.

The girls were such good sports, first they each took turns pulling their sled, then they decided to use team work and hook it to both of them. Their sled was not light and it was a long way-Way to go girls!

We made it!! 4.5 miles and about 5 hours later we had arrived at our luxury suite- oh I mean Yurt. We were just glad that we didn't have to haul in our own wood.
Everyone was exhausted and worn out but the first thing the kids asked when we arrived was if we could come again next year. I think they felt a real sense of accomplishment.
First things first, get the fire going so we can dry out all the wet gear and then start to prepare our gourmet meal of dehydrated soup, bread, hot cocoa and lots of candy.

We were so grateful for Shaun's burners that he had given to us for Christmas, it heated our water in seconds.
Just happy to be there-you know Mark.
I know what you're thinking, wow comfy beds-well you can stop thinking that now.
We had to hide the swedish fish from Sophie, but she found them.
The next morning we awoke to a beautiful day with a few snowflakes-just perfect for making snow angels, sledding, snowshoeing and a little snowboarding.

We'd had our fun and so now it was time to head on home.
Mark, the clever packer- loaded everything onto two sleds so that the others were free for rides down. Everyone we passed would ask us if we had stayed at the Yurt and then comment "wow that's a lot of gear" What do you expect for 7 people? You know me and my thought process I was ready for that question to come at me one more time so I could give them my answer of "The Yurt? oh no, we just went for picnic."
Once again the journey for Sophie was nothing but smooth sailing. She fell asleep for most of the trip down in her comfy little bed.
2 and a half hours later we were unloading at the car. Another great adventure that I am sure we will attempt again.
(maybe I can find one that is only a 2 mile hike.)