Monday, February 23, 2009

Reed Summer 2008

Since our arrival back in the states, we have been very busy and wanted you all to know what we have been up to.
This photo is after a very long day of traveling-9 hour flight-8 hour layover and then the final 3 hour flight. We were all very excited to hit ground at midnight.
Grandma to the rescue- We had told her one of the things we missed the most were her homemade rolls, so she had 3 pans all ready to go into the oven, even at our midnight arrival.
YUM!!!!! Thanks mom, you're the best.

The next morning it was off the girls camp for Annie. She had a great time and helped her make a quick time adjustment.

Same girls with showers.

With Ron and Louise home as well, and Dawn on her way back to Texas we were able to have a family gathering at Garth & CayLynnes with most of the cousins.
Ice Cold Lemonade for sale!! Oh the sound of that sure did ring nice for the boys. This is not allowed in France and so they could not wait to have their first sale. They did pretty well- they each made enough money to buy their first webkinz.

How fun for us to come home to the Tennessee cousins. We had so much fun with all of them, but having baby Zoe around made our day (every day).

Then it was off to the Rodeo with the Thompson cousins and Grandpa T. Of course it was great and we loved all of it.

How many puzzles can you put together in a day? I'm not sure what the count was but it was a lot.

We had yummy American hamburgers!

Highlight for all of us was seeing Great Grandma.

Made lots of cakes.

Loved, loved the baby.

Can you guess who thought of this?Sleepy cousins.

Lots of pool action- thanks to the Rowberry's who let us act like it was our own private pool.

Sophie learned Uncle Brandon's trick. Annie & Oakley went to the Salt Lake Temple and did baptisms for the dead. Mark was able to baptize and confirm them both. What a great morning we had.
The official shampoo party. A little souvenir from France.

Bowling at the U.

We journeyed to the center of the Earth in 3D.

A "little" fishin with Grandpa.

Went to Andy's wedding in Park City-Beautiful until the hail started.

Neighborhood party with cousins.

Jesse turned 11.

Saw the Declaration of Independence on it's tour of the US.

Annie gets BRACES!

Being lazy together.

Annie falls in love.

Sleeping under the stars on top of each other in Grandmas back yard.

Picnic at Snowbird and then a hike to Cecret Lake.

The sign said "No swimming" but as you will see they apparently couldn't read it.

The clothes were too wet to wear home.

Nearly got trampled by a moose and her baby on the way down.

Mark hiked Timp.

Dallas & Logan's new collection- aluminum cans- they have quite the system of smashing them.

Logan loses a tooth- very painful to watch, I finally told him I would pay him $10 if he pulled it out that day- It came out at 11:25 pm. (Thank goodness)

Bird show at Hogle Zoo.

We all went back to school.
Sophie went to the dentist and got some great new teeth. Well she did get a pretty little silver one that she is so proud of and tells everyone!

The princess turns 5 and wins a quilt (the cutest one ever) from Grandma T- she's not excited or anything.

Having a little birthday tea.

Mark rides the Snake in Jackson.

The big magic as Dallas turned an 8 into a 9 on 9-9.
Fun party with a great magician.

He also received a great quilt from Grandma T.

Grandma is a smart lady. She knew if Dallas got his Logan would want his as well, so she brought it just in case-obviously it was well received.

We love, love, love our quilts Grandma. Thank you Thank you.

LaCross started for Dallas.

Another golden-Annie turne 13 on the 13th. 13 Gold balloons fly away with Annie's golden wish.
A little tea party at the Beehive tea room with Annies best friend Ally.
(Check out Annies skirt, she made it-something else we've been doing)

New Cruiser for the golden girl.
Mark thought he was pretty golden too.

Great American concert at the Conference center with the boys.

Logan loses another- Tricky to eat food now.
Jesse gets a new do.

Logan turns 7!

Yummy peaches from Karen's tree = 21 quarts all ready for the winter (as Logan would tell his friend Will who wanted to know what we were doing).

Waht a terrific summer we had and are looking forward to an even better Christmas with all of you.