Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas

The Reed Family – 2008

We returned from our year in France in July and everyone settled back into our former lives very quickly. We are happy to be home, but miss France, good bread, and all our friends very much. For now we plan to keep our Utah address, but you never know. We hope to go back again for at least a summer before Annie is out of school. The kids’ photos were taken in the gardens of the Vaux le Vicomte in July before we came home. Ours was taken in Brugge, Belgium in May.

Mark – is still appraising big buildings and large pieces of land. He’s happy with his work and continues to stay busy there. He just completed an appraisal of about 100 schools in the Jordan School District. He attended several BYU football games this year, which made him happy, and now has his boys hooked. He loves his church calling with the 14 to 18-year-old young men and plays tennis on Friday mornings with his brother Garth. He has plans to do more golfing and hunting this next year. (More golf would be more than nine holes and more hunting would be any hunting.) He let the boys shoot a .22 for the first time this fall.

Tifiny – stays busy with the five kids. With all of them in school this year she spends plenty of time at their school (she just can’t stand that their all growing up). She’s still tearing down walls and trying to fix her “grandma” house into something more fashionable and functional. There is no moss growing anywhere near Tifiny as she never slows down. She still has her entrepreneurial spirit and is checking with her Chinese manufacturing contact on a possible new product to sell here in the states that she found while in France.

Annie – 13, is in the 7th grade. She continues to play the violin and started on the piano. She is a very good student and loves life. She is the best babysitter and is very busy with all her jobs. She is a huge help to her mother as well. She is getting to be almost as tall as Tifiny.

Jesse – 11, is in the 6th grade. She is still playing the piano, has straight A’s and started diving this year. She is the party planner of the family and is a lot of fun. Her photo says it all-no those are not her shoes (she wishes). She also does a lot of babysitting.

Dallas – 9, is in the 3rd grade. He plays lacrosse and started playing the guitar this year. It’s hard to get him to come inside-he loves being outdoors, rain, snow or shine. He loves school and sports. He is a real BYU football fan after attending his first game this year.

Logan – 7, is in the 1st grade. He plays hockey and also started guitar. His mind is always spinning and continually cracks us up with his thoughts and questions. He loves football and anything Dallas likes. He is lucky to have a best friend that sleeps on the top bunk.

Sophie – 5, is in kindergarten. She is our dancer! She loves being a girl and dressing up. She loves school and begs her mom to let her stay all day everyday. (We think she is just so happy it’s in English.) She continues to be sweet and a very easy child (most days.)

We feel this is such a fun stage of life. Our friends put it this way – these are the real “Golden Years”, everyone is still at home, no one wears diapers and no one can drive yet! We are loving this time of our lives and have been richly blessed.

Merry Christmas!
Love, Mark, Tifiny and the kids